Ultra Marathon

It’s been a couple of weeks between posts here on IG, partly because work has been really busy, but mainly because I’ve been getting my head around my latest challenge.

An Ultra Marathon.

Yes, an Ultra Marathon.  The Thames Path Challenge Ultra Marathon.
That’s 100km.  62miles.

Whichever units you use to measure it, it’s beginning to dawn on me just how far it is.

In the past I’ve complete 40mile duathlons, 125+ mile bike rides, even a marathon (a few years ago), but this is something else.


I’m still not entirely sure what prompted me to look into Ultra distance events, but here I am four weeks in to a 23 week training schedule and, bar a slight muscle strain last week, all seems to be going well.

I will try and post monthly updates on here with how it is all going, but for now I wanted to let you know one of the main reasons behind my motivation and that is raising money for Millie’s Trust.


Millie’s Trust was created by the parents of Millie Thompson who tragically passed away in a choking incident in October 2012.  Their aim is the advancement of health and saving of lives by providing first aid education and awareness, first aid training courses, and paediatric courses for nurseries that are readily available and for minimal cost.

Having a young daughter myself that is approaching nursery age this charity resonates a strong feeling with me and really highlights the gap in the law regarding first aid and the lack of compulsory first aid trained staff in childcare settings.  I am hoping to raise as much as I can for the charity by putting myself through the challenge, the pain and the inevitable chafing that will come with the training.

Any donation or sponsorship that you can spare, however small, would be amazing and very gratefully received.  It will be giving me a much needed boost during my longer runs knowing that it is worthwhile with the funds going to an extremely valuable cause.



I’ll check back in with an update soon, wish me luck!

Evian Babies

They’re back!

After winning our hearts with their swimming, roller skating and dancing, the Evian Babies are back with a new surfing advert Baby Bay.

This recurring Evian campaign must be one of the few relentlessly successful advertising campaigns out there.  The first spot of Water Babies aired nearly 18 years ago, and with only small changes (mainly to the activity that the babies take part in) the campaign is consistently turning out modern and engaging adverts that never fail to make us smile.

Another incredible advert that has been superbly executed, keep up the good work Evian.

Full credit for this goes to BETC, Wanda and Mikros Image.

More information (and some brilliant t-shirts!) over at babybay.evian.com.

Panda Slide

Happy Friday!


The Risk Of Sitting

It’s been a long couple of weeks at work.  Logging many hours at my desk as well as a couple of long haul flights too.

All in all, lots of sitting.  Too much sitting really.

Maybe this is what I need to persuade the boss to invest in sit/stand desks in the office for us!

Thanks to Ted-Ed for another top notch animation.


You’ve all heard of Liam, right?

No, not Gallagher.  Or Payne.  Or even Neeson.  But Apple’s Liam.

A 29 arm robot which can disassemble over a million iPhones a year when they are ready to be recycled.  Here’s a snippet of it in action.

Whether you’re a fan of Apple or not, it’s great to see such innovation in committing to meeting the full life cycle of the consumer product.

Keep up the good work, Liam.  More information here.

Glow Worms In Motion

Sleeping in a cave for days in complete darkness doesn’t sound too appealing, but the resulting film from self-confessed “adventurous Canadian couple” Jordan and Jenna is this staggeringly beautiful time lapse of New Zealand’s famous glow worms and their bioluminescent glow.

Make sure your video player is set to 4K then sit back in awe at this.

For those of you more technically minded, the video was shot on a Canon 5D Mark III with 16-35mm F/2.8L, 50mm F/1.4, and 70-200mm F/4L lenses, and a Glidecam HD-2000.


The video deservedly won NZ Geographic‘s Photographer of the Year award for time-lapse, and you can read in more detail how this video was captured on Jordan and Jenna’s blog Stoked for Saturday here.


Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design

It’s unlikely to rival the explosive content of any upcoming  Hollywood blockbuster, but that hasn’t stopped the new trailer for docu-film Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design Production catching my eye.

It is a history of the changes that took place in the graphic design industry from the 1950s through to the introduction of “desktop publishing” in the 1990s.

I don’t work in Graphics specifically, but I have done a bit within that sector over the past 10 years or so.  Whilst many of these skills were before my time, I did spend time at university painstakingly positioning Letraset transfers and experimenting with my own somewhat crude version of paste-up boards.

The precision and craft of doing everything by hand in the trailer really resonates with me.  Look forward to this coming out in early early next year!

More information www.graphicmeans.com.

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